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Bladeswelove – Medford Praetorian Stealth limited run

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Bladeswelove Ano Work

IMG_9338Zero Tolerance ZT0560BLK – Black Iguana Ano  Shipped! Sold
* We have several 560, & 560blk in stock that we can ano.  Contact me if you want to have something special done.

We are now doing Titanium Anodizing work. Drop me a message if you are looking to have something done.

Medford Knives



Bladewelove is an authorized dealer with Medford Knives.

Current Stock 11/17
Praetorian G OD Green(Oxide D2 Blade)  – $600 shipped
Praetorian G Black (Oxide D2 Blade) – $600 shipped
Micro Praetorian  Black (Oxide D2 Blade) – $600 shipped
Micro Praetorian  Coyote Brown (Oxide D2 Blade) – $600 shipped

IN Route in a few weeks (we take preorders)
Praetorian G Black and Orange – $600 shipped
Micro Praetorian various (Black & Camo) – $600 shipped
Praetorian T Flamed Ti (Oxide Tumbled D2 Blade) – $700 shipped
TFF-4 x 2 – $550 Shipped
FUK Flipper w/ S35vn Blade – $900 Shipped
Marauder Flamed Ti w/Tumbled Tanto Blade – $900 Shipped

In Route in the next couple of months
Something special and unique that I can’t talk about :)

If you are interested, drop me a message and I will send you a Paypal invoice.  We also are willing to work with buyers on payments as long as it’s not more that 3 or 4 and less than 45 days.