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Slowly but surely

Hi guys!  If anyone is reading this, then sweet.  If not, I’ve always been pretty good at talking to myself.  At any rate,  I’m finally starting to build up some inventory on the site.  It won’t be long and I’ll be consistently carrying most of ZT’s folders on the site.  I’m also trying to carry a consistent selection of Spyderco too.  Their line is so big that I doubt I’ll carry everything, just the items I like and have some experience with.  Remember, if there is something you want from me, let me know and I can order just about anything.

Knife Suggestion:  I know it’s pricey, but check out the Spyderco Tuff.  I wasn’t sure that I’d like it when I saw pictures of it, but once I had it in hand I loved it.  It’s a tank of a folder and as with all of Spyderco’s Taichung folders the fit and finish on it is perfection.  It’s just an all around nice knife.  If you like ZT’s big knives then you’d prob. love it.  it’s a more sophisticated design with an amazing blade steel!



Welcome to Blades We Love, we’re up and running.


I’m Steve and BWL is basically me.  I started this site for various reasons.  The 1st is that I have an obsession with pocket knives.  For some reason, they fascinate me.  The old adage says to do something you’re passionate about, so I guess this site is an expression of a passion.  2nd, I buy knives all over the place, online or at brick and mortar.  My experience with most of them has been for the most part lackluster.  I’m the type of person that tries to stretch a dollar as far as it will go, and at the same time I want to buy from someone that shares my excitement for knives.  My goal is to provide the buying experience that I look for as a knife shopper.  When I shop for a knife, I want value.  I want the best price I can get from somebody that’s straight up with me.  I want it shipped fast, and I want someone who will answer my e-mails.



Steve at B.W.L.

PS.  BTW I’m located in Wyoming, so there’s a pretty good chance you won’t have to pay sales tax shopping here.